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Policies and Expectations
Instructor: Ms. Stacy Cronquist   

Communication: This is going to be very important throughout the school year that we maintain strong communication. The best way to reach me is through email. I constantly have access to it at school and at home, and I will always get back to you within 24 hours unless I tell you otherwise. I do not have a direct line to call me at the school, however you can always leave me a message with the main office. This will not always be the most reliable or the fastest way to get a hold of me throughout the day as I am teaching, however I will be able to call back as soon as I do not have kids in the classroom. If you would like to meet in person, please call ahead to set up a meeting time.

Assignment Notebook: Along with a homework folder, students will be taking home his/her assignment notebook every night. Please do not lose these! They are required for purchase in the supply list. If you do not have one, please see the front office ASAP. At the end of every day we will be updating our assignment notebooks with assignments, reminders, and/or notes. It is their responsibility to keep up with the notebook and take it home for you to see. You will be required to sign the assignment notebook EACH NIGHT. This is important to relay to me that you saw anything that they had to write. Please hold your children accountable to this system!

Homework/Reading: Homework assignments will be due DAILY. Even if a student is absent during the week, homework is still expected to be made up. In addition to daily homework assignments, students will also be expected to read 20 minutes each night. A reading log will sent home at the beginning of each week to document nightly reading. Students who do not finish homework and/or do not complete it proficiently will be required to stay in for detention during recess. Please be checking your child’s assignment notebook nightly to see which homework is assigned each night.

Spelling Words: Students have a weekly spelling list that they are expected to learn. Most words are a review of previous vowel/consonant combinations. Pre-tests will be given at the beginning of each week, and post-tests will be given at the end of each week, regardless of short weeks. Students will be able to access the pre-tests to study from on their own personalized account on SpellingCity.com. Students will have access to this account upon the beginning of the school year and are encouraged to sign on at home to study throughout the week.

Math Facts: Students will be practicing their math facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) throughout the school year with frequent timed tests. A great way to study for these tests and to have your student succeed with math fluency would be to purchase or make math flash cards.

School Supplies: Students are responsible for bringing all school supplies that were provided from the school list upon the first day of school. If you need assistance purchasing school supplies, please see the office. Being prepared is extremely important, and I believe in teaching kids the importance of being responsible for his/her belongings. I appreciate your cooperation!

Grades: Student work will be graded on homework, classroom assignments, and report cards using the following grading system:

5 – Mastery of standard 1 or more grade levels above

4 – Mastery of grade level standard

3 – Progressing toward mastery of standard

2 – Minimally progressing toward standard

1 – Does not meet standard

This is different from the previously used “lettering” system using As, Bs, Cs, Ds, and Fs. Although we do not use the lettering system in most elementary grades, we still teach students the meaning of percentage grades (0-100%) and how it directly relates to their 1-5 grade. For example, a 100% would equal a 4. We will discuss this at conferences, but if you have any questions, please let me know. Please expect to see this numbering system on assignments sent home.

Student Work: All work that students hand in is graded. Please keep in mind that not all of it is passed back. Some of it stays with me to keep in their cumulative file. Work that I feel that parents need to see will go home, but most work is recycled after graded and discussed with students to help students stay organized with their take home folder.

Classroom Management: I will manage the classroom’s behavior through a website/app called “Class Dojo” Through this system I can track positive/negative behavior with points that can be given and/or taken away based on specific behavior. It will be the student’s responsibility to make sure that they maintain a healthy amount of Dojo points in the classroom. These points will also help me determine certain grades. Attached to this packet is a sheet with information on how you can track your student’s Dojo points throughout the year! I will be working individually with students to track points and create goals to reach. In addition to Class Dojo, I will be using “Refocus” forms to help redirect students’ negative behavior. If a student receives a Refocus form they will need to complete it, take it home and have it signed and returned the next day. In other extreme cases of behavior disruptions, students may receive a “green slip” where students need to report to the office to discuss their behavior with the principal. Please reference the form being sent home that describes in depth my behavior philosophy for my classroom.

Technology: Students will have access to technology through the use of Chromebooks in the classroom. These Chromebooks provide the students with wonderful opportunities to practice/test their spelling, access our math curriculum website, and practice 3rd grade standards through other educational websites the school provides. Please reference the “Technology Agreement” that is being sent home for more information on expectations.  

Birthdays: We will be recognizing each student’s birthday in my class. You are more than welcome to bring treats during snack for the whole class, but please get in contact with me before hand if you plan to do so. If I do not hear from you, I will assume that treats will not be brought in. If you are sending home invitations to the other children for a birthday party, that needs to be done outside of school, invitations cannot be sent out in the classroom.

Snacks: We have snack time every afternoon. Please be sure to pack a healthy snack with your child daily! This is very important. We do not have extra snack at school to provide children, and since we are in school for a long day, the kids will need something in the afternoon after an early lunch. With that said, I ask that you please provide a healthy snack that DO NOT CONTAIN NUTS (due to allergies in the school)! This will also be an opportunity for you and I to teach the kids about nutrition.

Clothing: Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for school every day. You may reference the school handbook for dress code information. If it is cold outside, they will need a jacket. We are outside at recess unless the school tells us otherwise. Feel free to also send your child with gloves, hats, and any other necessary clothing. And also please make sure his/her extra clothing is labeled to prevent loss!

Volunteers: I welcome and encourage any parent who would like to volunteer in my classroom! However, please get in contact with me before hand to set up a time that works for both of us for you to come in. You will also need to talk to the front desk secretary to check in properly before hand.

Transportation: Please be sure that your student knows how they are getting to school and how they are getting home from school EVERY DAY. The school gives me a list of every student’s transportation method. At the beginning of the year I will assist in helping your students make sure they aren’t confused with this, however as the year goes on they need to become comfortable learning what to do/where to go on their own. PLEASE NOTE: I follow the information that the office gives me. If your child comes to school and tells me that they are going home with a friend instead of the bus, then I need to get word of that directly from the office. I will not take students’ word on their transportation methods. If you find out mid-day that transportation for the afternoon changes, please call the office as soon as you know as they are in contact with the busses that take attendance. They will contact me to update the change.

School Policies: Most of this information in this packet is specific to my classroom and me. Things may be different in other 3rd grade teachers’ classrooms as well as the other elementary classrooms. However, please refer to the school’s handbook. This handbook is used school wide and we follow all of those policies and procedures as well. This handbook is very important, especially for families who are at Highland Elementary for the first time. If you have any questions about information in the handbook or what I have give you, please get in contact with me immediately!
A Note about my Expectations
I love teaching third grade students because I believe that they are at such a pivotal time in life. I always tell parents that at this age students aren’t really learning to read anymore, but they are reading to learn. This is such a huge shift in literacy as compared to second grade. This is true because this age marks the age in child development where their brains are ready to comprehend more complex things. While their brains are at this spot I strongly believe in engraining in my students the phrase “SUCCESS is measured by EFFORT”. Students are at the age now where they can fully understand what this means and make connections to times that this is true for them. My job is to help them do this. I give many opportunities in my classroom for students to practice doing this. My job is to lead by example and show them what it means to put a strong effort into something and to see the success they receive by doing this. It could be as easy as just studying for a spelling test.  The more you practice and study, the better you will do on the post-test. I create a fun and safe environment for them to learn this and practice and learn through failure as well, which is sometimes to be expected. But the real lesson isn’t how to avoid failure, but how to come back from it. I have high expectations for my students, and although they are young children, they are still old enough to know how to take responsibility and put effort into something, which I will expect all year long. I have seen tremendous growth out of many of my students because of this philosophy, and I’ve also seen how much better of a relationship I gain with my students because of the mutual respect we give each other with this. With that said, I respectfully ask for your cooperation in helping me help the students learn how to take responsibility with their learning and understand what it will take to learn and achieve. 
Thank you all very much for your cooperation! ☺
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